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Drop-In Tutoring

Peer tutoring is lead by tutors who have previously taken and excelled in introductory courses. During drop-in sessions students can come ask questions and build problem-solving skills. 

In Fall 2014, the following drop-in hours are available 7-10PM Sunday-Friday:






CHM 111 (Rakeb & Jack)

CHM 211 (Shawn)

BIO 220 (Catherine)

Psych Stat (Krista)


CHM 111 (Alex & Minh)

CHM 211 (Elise)

BIO 220 (Hanna)

Bio Stat* (Brittney)


CHM 111 (Cole & Carolina)

CHM 211 (Jack M.)


CHM 111 (Jordan & Shomith)

CHM 211 (Kevin)

Bio Psych (Sage)


CHM 111
(Julianna, Marissa, & Molly)

CHM 211 (Alex L.)

BIO220 (Ian)


  • *Bio Stat runs from 6-9 PM on Monday. 
  • **Physics drop in takes place in the Physics Lounge in Hackman.
  • Math drop in takes place in Stager Sunday-Thursday from 4-10 PM. Click Here to view the class specific schedule.