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SI Program

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In Fall 2014, SI is available for BIO 220 and select CHM 211 classes. Peer leaders facilitate the SI sessions, which follow a weekly schedule (to be determined in the first week of classes).  Peer leaders have previously performed well in the course, and also reattend lecture in order to provide specific support for the sections of a particular instructor.  The voluntary SI sessions are free of charge and reinforce and clarify lecture content while focusing on study skills, practice problems, and exam preparation.  

Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Professor Day & Time SI Leader SI Leader Email  

SUN @ 5PM LSP 138


  Scott LaValva  

SUN @ 6PM LSP 138

WED @ 8PM LSP 257 or 262

  John O'Neill  

SUN @ 4PM LSP 138

THURS @ 8PM NCH Seminar room

  Alison Shupp