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Transfer Admission FAQs

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Here are some of the questions we hear from transfer students. If you can’t find your question in the list below,


Am I considered a transfer or first-year applicant?

At F&M, you are considered a transfer applicant if you will have earned more than 12 semester hours of college credit (commonly referred to as "credits") by your intended transfer enrollment date, OR if you've earned college credit as a degree candidate at another institution. All other students should apply for first-year admission. 

How do I check my application status?

Once you’ve successfully submitted the F&M portion of the Common Application, you will receive an email from the Office of Admission with login instructions to the F&M online application portal. After establishing a username and password, you can login HERE and check the status of pending documents. If you’ve submitted the Common Application but lost your password, please call the Office of Admission or contact the transfer admission coordinator at to reset your password. 

How competitive is the transfer process at F&M?

F&M typically receives approximately 80-100 completed transfer applications per year.The number of transfer applications selected for admission varies year to year and can be dependent on factors such as the size and quality of the applicant pool and current campus enrollment numbers.Typically, we enroll 12-20 transfer students each fall and another 4-10 for the spring semester.

Will F&M accept my college credits?

All accepted transfer applicants have the opportunity to receive a transfer credit evaluation prior to the decision deadline. In order to receive a transfer credit evaluation, an admitted student must submit a list of course descriptions from all previous college-level coursework. The course descriptions should be compiled in in a Word *.doc or a Google Doc and emailed to the transfer admission coordinator at . Course syllabuses may also be required to complete the evaluation, but are requested only as needed.

If choosing to apply is contingent upon receiving credit for previous coursework, F&M can provide a tentative credit evaluation preview for all completed and in-progress coursework. For more information about a tentative credit evaluation preview, please email the transfer admission coordinator at

Note: The official evaluation of completed college coursework is finalized only after all final transcripts have been submitted to the Office of Admission. The College cannot award official college credit for in-progress coursework. The final transcript must be mailed from the previous institution directly to the Franklin & Marshall Office of Admission. .

Are official SAT or ACT scores required?

You may choose to submit either SAT Ior ACT results. F&M also offers the Standardized Test Option, which allows applicants to submit two graded college-level writing samples in place of standardized test scores. Transfer applicants using the Standardized Test Option can submit samples by sending them as attachments to or by uploading the samples onto the F&M Application Portal. Samples written in high school, jointly-written papers, and ungraded assignments will not be considered.

International transfer applicants are asked to submit an official SAT I or ACT score report unless the tests are not offered in your country of origin. 

How does F&M offer financial aid to transfer applicants?

For domestic students, F&M meets 100% of institutionally-determined financial aid need for all full-time students throughout their duration at the College, regardless of whether they apply as a transfer or first-year applicant. With F&M’s commitment to provide need-based financial aid assistance, we do not offer any merit-based or academic scholarships. There is no financial aid available for international transfer students.

How does F&M award credit for my previous college coursework?

Course work completed at other accredited colleges and universities may satisfy requirements in most areas of the Franklin & Marshall curriculum (major requirements, exploration/distribution requirements, and electives), depending upon the nature of that coursework. Credit evaluation is based on both the number of credit hours earned and the grades earned. A course will be evaluated only if the earned grade is C- or better.

In general, no transfer credit is granted for the following types of courses: technical, physical education, secretarial, engineering, drafting, military science, or any courses from non-regionally accredited institutions. Additionally, most education courses, communications courses, and vocal or instrumental lesson credits are not awarded Franklin & Marshall course credit.

What are the graduation requirements for transfer students?

To qualify for a Franklin & Marshall degree, transfer students must successfully complete at least 16 course credits at the campus. This minimum course requirement is equivalent to four full-time semesters with four courses per semester . Degree candidates must also complete F&M’s Connections & Exploration requirement and meet the requirements for at least one major at the College. For a detailed list of F&M’s graduation requirements, please consult the course catalog here.

Does F&M accept international transfer applications?

Yes. International applicants must submit complete original academic credentials as part of the application process; photocopies or scanned documents may be submitted as unofficial documentation, but admission will not be granted to any applicant with unofficial academic records. The TOEFL, IELTS or other recognized test of English language ability is required for students whose native language is not English.However, this requirement is waived if a student has been studying in an English-speaking environment for at least three years. There is no financial aid available for international transfer students.

Is a campus visit or interview required?

Campus visits and interviews are not required, but they are recommended. By visiting the campus and having an interview, you are better able to assess your overall fit for the College, and you are more likely to submit an application that speaks directly to F&M’s values and mission. To plan a campus visit, please visit our web page HERE. To schedule an interview, please click HERE. If you are unable to visit campus, you may request a skype interview by emailing the transfer admission coordinator at

Do transfer students participate in orientation programs at F&M?

Yes. F&M offers orientation programs specifically geared to incoming transfer students during first-year Orientation in late August. Additionally, many orientation events, such as academic integrity at F&M, are shared with first-year incoming students. Transfer students are required to participate in select first-year orientation activities and are highly encouraged to participate in all events.Transfer students beginning their studies at the start of the spring semester participate in a small orientation program to support their transition to academic and student life at the College. 


Is F&M housing available for transfer students?

Yes. F&M is a residential college, and we strongly believe that a rich residential experience is vital to the life of the College. F&M provides housing to transfer students appropriate to their incoming status and age. Transfer applicants are also integrated into the College House communities. 


 What advising programs are available to transfer students?

Admitted transfer students schedule academic advising sessions prior to arrival with Dean Kate Snider, Assistant Dean of the College. Like all students, once transfer students formally select a major, they are assigned a new academic advisor within that department. F&M also offers academic and student support through the College Houses.

Will F&M accept my AP or IB Credits?

F&M will award AP credit to a transfer student under the following conditions: (1) a score of4 or 5 is earned on the exam; (2) you did not take an equivalent course at the college-level (e.g., completing AP Chemistry in additional to an entry-level chemistry in college); and (3) the College receives an original AP score report from The College Board.AP credit is also designated as an “award” and not a traditional transfer credit. As a result, it does not count towards the 16 course minimum to meet graduation requirements.

IB is a little more involved.If you earned a score of 30 or more for the IB Diploma, then you will be awarded 8 F&M course credits.If you earned a score below 30 for the IB Diploma, or if you took individual IB courses, then you will be awarded credit only for subjects taken at the Higher Level with a score of 5 or higher. No credit will be awarded before Franklin & Marshall receives the official IB transcript from the International Baccalaureate Organization.