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Banner users: Do not update Java

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If you are someone who uses "Internet Native Banner", aka INB, DO NOT UPDATE JAVA.  Recently Oracle released an update to Java and your computer will likely ask you to install this update.  If you update Java, INB will cease working and you will have to contact the helpdesk to fix the problem.

This applies to Windows and Mac users equally.


The user interface is built on Java which means that it should work equally well on Windows and Mac computers and does not require us to install software on each person's computer every time an update is made. 

Unfortunately, Ellucian does not tend to keep up with the most recent Java version, and the interface is built in such a way that any update to Java itself could render Banner's user interface inoperable.  Sometimes the Java updates have no visible effect on Banner, and sometimes the Java updates disable the interface altogether.  You never know until you try.  

ITS does not get Java updates any sooner than everyone else on campus, so we can't know whether the next Java update will break Banner or not.  That means you should never update Java without specific guidance from ITS to do so.

Please let me, Jay Eckles, know if you have any questions.  x4575/

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