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DIPNIC Wiffleball Challenge 2014 Recap

  • DIPNIC Wiffleball Challenge 2013
  • DIPNIC Wiffleball Challenge 2013

Submitted by Suzanna Richter

Thank you to everyone who participated in and cheered at the 23rd Annual DIPNIC Wiffleball Challenge on May 13. Thank you also to Brooks College House Dean, Roger Godin, who co-wrote the sports article below. Without the help of Roger, Facilitiies & Operations, team captains and coordinators this year's Wiffleball Challenge would not have been possible. We miss former Commissioner David Stameshkin, but I'm thrilled to report that DIPNIC's Wiffleball Challenge lives on.

Heroes Reclaim Trophy In Low-Scoring, Championship Game Highlighted by Great Pitching and Defense

By Suzanna Richter, Dipnic Wiffleball Commissioner, and Roger Goden, Dipnic Sports Writer

Game 1 of the 2014 Dipnic Wiffleball Challenge started quickly. The Wonders, who report to Interim Provost Karlesky, came to the plate against the TnT’s, 2013’s Wiffleball Champions, who report to Dean Hazlett. In the top of the first, Pablo Jenik (Biology), Monica Cable (Post-grad Fellowships) and Dave Kieran (American Studies) hit fly balls that were caught by TnT fielders for a quick 1-2-3 inning. Jenik’s drive was caught by Kirsten Richter (Athletics). Monica Cable’s fly was tracked down by Gavin Jones (Athletics); and Dave Kieran’s was gathered in by Mickey Blymier (Athletics). 

The bottom of the first started with a deep home run by Mickey Blymier. Kaitlin Hamilton (Athletics) and Sean Kelleher (Athletics) followed with hits. Clean-up hitter, Kelly Kennedy’s line drive was snared by the Wonders’ pitcher Tim McCarty (Government Dept.), who cooled the TnT momentum as political theorist’s can. The stalled momentum didn’t last long, however. Mike Faith (Athletics) cracked a double past Pablo Jenik (Biology) in right field. Missy Mariano (Athletics) got on base, and Daniel Torie (Athletics)’s line drive to left field advanced the runners. Kirsten Richter (Athletics) followed with another single, and the TnTs were on a roll. It was at about this point that the F&O members of the Heroes team expressed concern about how slippery the bases were. Since they didn’t want anyone hurt (e.g., to break an ankle or twist a knee), a time-out was called to replace the slippery bases with white tape. Everyone applauded their “heroic” effort and the game resumed. Matthew Keller (Athletics) continued the attack with a single, as did Chris Salko (Athletics). Christina Fried got on base, and the run total mounted. Shawn Carty (Athletics) roped a double, which cleared the loaded bases, followed by a triple hit by Megan Solayk (Athletics). Gavin Jones (Athletics) really poured it on with an inside the park homerun, followed by a back-to-back dinger by Scott Mehan (Athletics) into the upperdeck of the ASFC – a rare spectacle for the throngs of observers in the cheering section (including President Dan Porterfield). Finally the inning ended returning the Wonders to the plate. 

In the top of the 2nd, Marissa Sobel (Phillips Museum) led off with a single and eventually scored. Dave Roberts hit a fly ball, which was tracked down by Christina Fried (Athletics). Kerry Wright (Writers House) delivered a single that was bobbled by Scott Meehan (Athletics). Both Kerry and then Delphine Martin (Writers House) eventually scored raising the Wonders’ total to 3 runs. The inning ended when Tim McCarty’s grounder led to an out at home plate.

In the bottom of the 2nd, Kelly Kennedy led off and was thrown out by skillful cell biologist, Dave Roberts. Powerful Mike Faith hit another long smash into right field, which resulted in a triple. Tim McCarty again cooled the momentum of the TnT’s by striking out Missy Mariano. Daniel Torie then drove a single to left, and Kirsten Richter followed with a double down the left field line, which scored Torie. Matt Keller singled followed by Chris Salko’s double. With the score mounting, the Wonders were brought back to the plate to try to even things up. Though they competed valiantly, they weren’t able to even the game. The final score was 21-3. The teams shook hands and awaited game 2. 

In game two, the Warriors, who report to the VP of Advancement, VP of Admission and Financial Aid, VP of College Communications, or work in the Office of the President batted first. Domenick Rozzi (Admission) drove a long double to start the inning. Bruce Balestier (Advancement) drove one deep into center field that was caught by George Garrette (F&O), followed by Maura Condon Umble (Advancement) smacking a solid single to left field. DJ Korns (Alumni Relations) then followed with an RBI ground out plating the first run of the game. Tom Mariano ended the inning with a long fly ball to centerfield pulled in once again by George Garrette. 

The bottom of the 1st started memorably – with Ryan Phillips (F&O) leading off with an inside the park home run to right field. He rounded third base and dove head first into home, knotting the score at 1-1. George Garrette (F&O) and Bill Strickler (DPS) both got on base after Tamara Pohle (HR) was called out at 1st, but neither George nor Bill made it home. Laura Fiore (HR) fouled out and Tim Golletti (DPS) grounded out to end the inning. 

Three batters were retired swiftly in the top of the 2nd - Kim Bryan (Admission)’s line drive was caught seemingly magically in the fingertips of Don Yohe (F&O) at 3rd base; Bryan Stabbe grounded out, and Matt Latessa’s deep shot to center field was caught by the ever-present George Garrette.

In the bottom of the 2nd, the Heroes added to their 1-run lead. Maryann Wynn (HR) singled to start the inning. Don Yohe (F&O) grounded to 2nd, forcing Maryann. Anne Schuman (DPS)’s single moved Don to 3rd base. Perry Scheid was called out at 1st, followed by Stacy Thornwall-Rogers lining a single knocking in Don Yohe. Eric Shaub’s single drove Anne home. The inning ended when Ryan Phillips’ foul ball was caught.

Needing at least three runs to stay alive, Stephanie Brooks (Alumni Relations) led off with a single. Aiden Matte (Special Gifts)’s line drive to center field was caught by the vacuum of the outfield – George Garrette. Patrick Burke (Advancement) lined a double driving in Stephanie Brooks, giving hope to the Warriors, but not for long. Monica Dewan (Alumni Relations)’s hit a ground ball to Anne Schuman (DPS), who then tagged 2nd forcing out Patrick Burke to end the game with a final score of 3-1. 

In the championship game, the Heroes batted first. Ryan Phillips and Tamara Pohle led off by hitting drives to left field both caught by Daniel Torie (Athletics). Ryan’s hit was caught one handed, as though Dan swatted it out of the air like a glove save by an ice hockey goalie. George Garrette lined a single, but Bill Strickler fouled out to end the Heroes’ at bat. 

In the bottom of the 1st, the Heroes made quick work of the TnT’s, who changed their batting order for the championship game. Shawn Carty, Megan Solayk and Gavin Jones were retired quickly 1-2-3.

In the top of the 2nd inning, Laura Fiore (HR) led off with a single followed by Tim Golletti’s single that advanced Laura to 3rd.  When Maryann Wynn struck out, Laura was thrown out at home trying to score. But Don Yohe’s hit kept the inning alive and brought Tim home, putting the first score of the game on the board in a very well pitched and well-played defensive game. Anne Schuman was called out at 1st ending the inning. 

In the bottom of the 2nd, Ryan Phillips struck out Scott Meehan to begin the inning. Kelly Kennedy hit a single and ran through 1st base enthusiastically going way down the right field line. Mickey Blymier’s fly to left field was caught by Stacy Thornwall-Rogers, as though the event had been well-planned. The TnT’s hoped after Sean Kelleher’s single that this hit would create some momentum for the team, but Ryan Phillips’ pitching was too good: Missy Mariano’s strike out ended the inning. 

Perry Scheid hit a single to begin the top of the 3rd, followed by Stacy Thornwall-Rogers, who had a good eye and took four balls for a walk. Eric Shaub’s drive to center field was caught by Mickey Blymier for the first out of the inning. Ryan Phillips followed with another long ball to right field, which was tracked down by Sean Kelleher. Tamara Pohle was thrown out at 1st for the 3rd out.

Needing two runs to win the game in their final at bat, Mike Faith, the TnT’s power hitter, came to the plate to lead off the inning, but struck out. Ryan Phillip’s pitching kept the TnT’s on their toes. Daniel Torie (Athletics) and Kirsten Richter (Athletics) singled to put two runners on base, but Matthew Keller’s (Athletics) ground ball resulted in Kirsten Richter being forced out at 2nd. Chris Salko’s line drive to 3rd base was snared by Don Yohe to end the hard fought contest. 

By a score of 1-0, the Heroes beat the TnT’s to reclaim the title of Dipnic Wiffleball Champions. The teams shook hands, followed by the wiffleball trophy ceremony and team picture (attached). The MVP for his dramatic first game homerun and stellar pitching was Ryan Phillips. George Garrette, the “vacuum” in center field, was named Rookie of the Year, and honorable mention for her defensive plays and hitting was Anne Schuman. 

2014 Scores:           

TnT’s 21, Wonders 3

Heroes 3, Warriors 1

Heroes 1, TnTs 0 (Championship Game)

2014 MVP: Ryan Phillips (Heroes); Rookie of the Year: George Garrette (Heroes); Honorable Mention: Anne Schuman (Heroes).

Overall DIPNIC Wiffleball Challenge Records (est. 1992)

Heroes: 28-14 (2014 Champions)

TnT’s: 24-15 

Warriors: 6-21 

Wonders: 12-20

Have a great summer, everyone.


Suzanna Richter

Commissioner, Dipnic Wiffleball Challenge