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Leave Balances for Professional Staff Employees

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As we near the end of the fiscal year, it is important to be sure you have reported all paid time off accurately on your timesheet.  Exempt, salaried employees should record all sick and vacation hours, and non-exempt hourly employees should record sick, vacation, family illness and personal hours.

For example, if you normally work a 7-hour day and take ½ day vacation, you should report 3.5 hours vacation and 3.5 hours regular on your timesheet.  Non-exempt employees who don’t work year round should report hours based on their average daily work hours. 

Please review the BENEFITS SUMMARY for more details about paid time off.

As of June 30, remaining annual sick hours will be added to your Extended Sick Leave Bank and your new FY15 allocation will be added to your Annual Sick Leave balance.  The College’s enhanced vacation policy will now allow up to 40 hours of unused vacation in FY14 to roll into FY15.

It is important to have all balances up to date before the new fiscal year accruals occur.  If you need to refresh your memory on how to complete a timesheet, click HERE.

If a time period has already passed and you have neglected to report hours accurately, please email to adjust any leave balances.