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Let’s Talk About Merit Increases

Franklin & Marshall College’s merit increase program is designed to recognize and reward the valuable contributions of faculty and professional staff.   The opportunity for an annual merit increase is based upon an individual’s annual performance evaluation and annually approved guidelines.

Salary increases depend upon the evaluation rating and fall in the following ranges: Highly Commendable (2.15% to 2.3%), Successful (1.7% to 1.9%), and Needs Improvement (0 to 1.0%).  Merit increases for those in their positions less than one year will be at the senior officer's discretion.  Merit pay is fully aligned with the employee performance evaluation process and will be determined by the manager’s overall assessment of the employee's performance.  Employees hired prior to April 1, 2014 are eligible for a merit increase.  Increases for salaried employees are based upon their annual salary, and increases for hourly employees are based upon their hourly rate of pay.

How It Works

Each year, the salary pool for the next fiscal year is determined by the Board of Trustees.  Human Resources oversees the merit increase process by providing guidelines to Senior Officers.  HR also provides Officers with instructions on using Salary Planner, a new online tool in Inside F&M that allows them to manage their respective salary pools and process merit increases easily.

Employees will be notified of their new compensation by their managers at the beginning of July.