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New Performance Evaluation Scale

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Professional staff members across campus will begin meeting with their managers for their annual performance evaluation over the next several weeks and be introduced to a new evaluation scale that was recently approved by the Senior Staff. The Senior Staff believes that this scale more accurately reflects our employees contributions to the College and more effectively meets the needs of our managers and employees.  The new evaluation categories are: Successful, Highly Commendable and Improvement Required in addition to a special category for new staff members who have Less than One Year in Their Position.


The Successful category will be given to employees who are doing a great job consistently, have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of their jobs, and effectively perform all of their primary job functions.   These employees often take initiative to resolve issues and occasionally are able to make terrific process improvements.   Successful employees are very reliable and consistently perform all requirements of their positions.  From time to time, they also exceed the expectations of their manager and goals that were previously set.

Highly Commendable

The Highly Commendable category will be given to an employee that has demonstrated outstanding performance during an evaluation period - perhaps due to a special project, accomplishment, achievement, unique approach to their work, etc. Highly Commendable employees often do more than what is expected of them and frequently exceed the requirements of their positions.   

Improvement Required

Professional staff members that must demonstrate sustained improvement in their daily work immediately will receive this evaluation category.  If this category is selected for the overall evaluation level, these employees will meet with their managers to determine the steps necessary to move into a Successful category in the future.  Regular meetings are recommended to maintain open communication between the staff member and his/her manager on their progress and performance.

Less Than One Year in Position

Newer members of the professional staff will receive this category.  While it may still be too early to determine which of the above categories a new employee will fall into, it’s still important for managers to provide valuable feedback to them.   These newer staff members generally demonstrate performance that has been successful given his/her length of service, and they continue to learn their new job and trend towards Successful performance for the next evaluation period.

Over the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to discuss and create individual goals for the upcoming fiscal year and provide valuable feedback to your manager.   As always, the performance evaluation process is an opportunity for staff members to meet with their managers, have valuable conversations about how they are doing in their jobs, and set goals that further the success of Franklin & Marshall College while developing their professional skills.