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Open Enrollment, November 4 - December 2

For full-time members of the faculty and professional staff: 

The College's annual Open Enrollment period will begin November 4 and end December 2.  During Open Enrollment, you can make changes to your health, dental, and Flexible Spending Accounts elections that you generally cannot make at other times during the year. 

Please click on the links below to learn how to access the online enrollment form, and to learn about changes and enhancements to the Health Plan:

You can find additional information in the Human Resources public eDisk folder: 'Open Enrollment for 2014'.

Please complete the online enrollment form by December 2 if you want to:

** Participate in the Medical Expense Reimbursment Account and/or Dependent Care Account during 2014  (any year 2013 Medical Expense and Dependent Care Account elections will not carry over). 

** If you want to change your current Health Plan or Dental Plan elections (the Health Plan and Dental Plan sections of the online enrollment form are to be completed only if you want to change your year 2013 health and/or dental elections). 

Please contact Human Resources if you want to:

** Add an eligible dependent to your Health Plan, Dental Plan, or Flexible Spending Accounts coverage, or delete a dependent (you only need to contact Human Resources if you want to make changes pertaining to your covered dependents).

** Cover your same-sex spouse or same-sex Domestic Partner through the Health Plan or Dental Plan during 2014.