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Recyclemania's 2014 Results

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Submitted by Tom Simpson, sustainability coordinator, Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment at Franklin and Marshall College

The results from the 2014 Recyclemania contest have arrived. F&M finished in the following positions. Note that the higher numbers score better in all categories except Waste Minimization where low score wins.

Grand Champion: 180th/256 colleges, 22.60 percent recycling rate
Per Capita Classic: 73rd/362 colleges, 16.80 lbs. of recyclables/person over 8 weeks.
Gorilla: 225th/365 colleges, 53,560 total lbs. of recyclables over 8 weeks.
Waste Minimization: 128th/155, 74.31 lbs./person of trash in 8 weeks.
Food Service Organics: 55th/187 colleges, 6.36 lbs./person of compostable waste in 8 weeks.
The really, really good news is that our campus trash production decreased by over 21 percent compared with the same period in 2013.
Thanks for your continuing efforts to produce less trash and to reduce, re-use, and recycle!