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Spread Too Thin - Life in the Sandwich Generation

  • College Hill Children's Center

Join us for a free Work/Life Balance workshop:

Tuesday, February 11 from 1-2pm
Woods Room, 2nd floor of the Alumni Sports & Fitness Center

“My mother is moving in with my family. How do I make this a positive experience for my kids?"

“I know it sounds selfish, but am I ever going to have ‘me time again?”

Are there resources to help me balance my life and caregiving responsibilities?”

You’ve heard the talk, now it's time to get the facts.  In just one short workshop, you’ll begin to understand how to better handle the challenges you face as a caregiver of both aging loved ones and your children. You’ll learn new strategies to make things less stressful for everyone involved. 

Find ways to take care of yourself.  And how to get additional help when you need it.