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Stipends and the Affordable Care Act

One of the changes that has resulted from the Affordable Care Act is that employers are now required to track and report work hours for all employees so that they may determine each person’s eligibility for health insurance.  This means that all pay needs to be associated with a number of ‘hours worked’ for every employees, including students with jobs on campus and adjunct faculty.  

While online timesheets are already being used for students with jobs on campus and all hourly paid professional staff,  we are no longer able to allow employees to be paid a lump sum payment (or stipend) for work that they perform except in very limited circumstances and with Human Resources approval.    Supervisors will need to complete a Request to Hire at least 2 weeks in advance if a professional staff employee will be performing extra work for which they should be paid.   The form will request an hourly rate of pay which can be determined by dividing the traditional stipend amount by the number of hours they are expected to work.   This form can be found on Inside F&M > Campus Services > Request to Hire Professional Staff. 

To pay an additional amount to a student, supervisors should contact Lori Few in Student Payroll at x4211 or by emailing

We thank you in advance for helping us make this transition a success!  As more information becomes available on the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts us as a college community, details will be communicated to you via the Bell & Tower Newsletter.

For additional help with this transition, you may contact:

 Laura Fiore in HR at x4278 or or Lori Few, Student Payroll Coordinator at x4211 or