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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Writing Center Staff

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The Writing Center is pleased to announce the newest members of our staff. It is the largest in the Center's history and also one of the most well-balanced in terms of majors, minors, and intended areas of study. 

’15 Arya Bhattari [ECO and MAT]

’15 Oyere Etta [Joint Studies: BOS/PHI, FRN minor]

’16 Molly Gilmore [SPA and AMS, WGS minor]

’16 Victoria Harris [CLS and HIS, intended ENG minor]

’15 Ibrahim Kamara [SPA and GOV]

’15 Stephanie Karwacki [SPA and ENG]

’17 Briana Krewson [intended BFB Neuro]

’16 Shi Eun Lee [intended SOC or ECO, MUS minor]

’17 Euyn Lim [intended ANT or BIO]

’17 Dave Mix [intended MAT and CHM, intended LAT minor]

’16 Anh Nguyen [ECO and BOS, ENG minor]

’16 Courtney Rinden [AMS]

’15 Katie Urbanski [ENG, intended minor ENV]

’15 Alanna Wittet [ENV, intended minor FRN]

These new student writing assistants, hired from a pool of 70 applicants, will join seven returning tutors:
’16 Kelseyleigh Reber [BFB], Head Tutor
’15 Zach N. Fried [BOS and MUS]
’15 Rhya Ghose [Joint Studies: PSY/PBH]
’15 Ryann McMurry  [GOV]
’15 Katie Machen  [FRN and ENG]
’16 Steven Viera [HIS]

’15 Sarah Rothman  [ENV]

Please join us in congratulating our new team.
Daniel Frick, Writing Center Director
Justin B. Hopkins,  Writing Center Assistant Director
Judith Stapleton, Writing Center Office Coordinator