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The Franklin & Marshall Wellness Committee would like to congratulate all those who were awarded incentives in the Wellness Rewards program!

The program ran from September 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.  We had a total of 125 participants who were awarded cash incentives for their achievements.  Overall, we paid out $24,775 in awards.

As a reminder, these were the incentive levels.

Tier 1: Earn 25 points for completing the Wellness Profile for a $25 incentive.

Tier 2: Earn another 50 points for an additional $50 incentive. ($75 total!)

Tier 3: Earn another 75 points for an additional $125 incentive ($200 total!)

Tier 4: Earn another 75 points for an additional $100 incentive ($300 total!)

For those who get paid bi-weekly, you will see the reward on your May 30th paycheck.  For those who get paid monthly, it will be on your June 25th pay.

The incentive amount will be listed separate from your normal work hours under Wellness Payment, and is considered taxable income.

We are working on our next program for 2014-15.  Keep an eye out for more information and details as the fall semester approaches.

Again, congratulations to all who achieved incentives.  Keep up the healthy habits, and watch for the new program to start in September!