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Wellness News & Tips for November

Upcoming Slip, Trip and Fall Safety Presentation

Hazards are everywhere.  Wet floors, an open drawer, slippery shoes, or an icy walkway, all of which can lead to serious, painful injuries. Categorized as Slip, Trip and Fall hazards, they are one of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace and account for at least 20% of all worker’s compensation claims.  They are the most common and the most preventable workplace injury.   

Protect yourself and your co-workers by learning how slips, trips and falls occur, how you can prevent them and what you can do to report or clean up these hazards, by attending our Wellness presentation on “How to prevent those Slips, Trips and Falls that we have all experienced”.
When:  November 20th at Noon
Where:  Booth Ferris South
Presenter:  Denise Freeman
This activity will count for 10 points in the Wellness Rewards Program.  Details for obtaining these points will be given at the presentation.
Check out our Walking Maps
If you're participating in our current 10,000 Steps Challenge, be sure to view our Walking Maps on the Wellness website.  Start with a one-mile loop around campus, and work your way up to our recommended five-mile route.  Be sure to wear your pedometer to track your number of steps!
This Month's Healthy Tip:
It's easier than ever to track your health and fitness levels with apps designed for smart phones and tablets.   From calorie counters to personal training apps, you can find just about anything you need in the app store on your smart phone or tablet to help you manage your health.  Try searching keywords like "Calorie counter", "fitness" and "health" to find apps that meet your needs and lifestyle.
More Information & Resources
For more information and healthy tips, check out the Wellness website, or contact us at .