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Workers' Comp Notice & Info

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The College has procedures to be followed in the event you are injured during the course of your employment with Franklin & Marshall. Periodic reminders about these procedures are sent to faculty and professional staff.  You can find further information, including the College's Workers' Compensation Notice and Injury Report Form.

If a member of the faculty or professional staff, or a student employee, is injured while performing his/her job duties, or suffers an injury or illness as a result of the workplace or tasks that the individual must perform the individual is to:

  1. Report the injury to his/her supervisor and to Human Resources, 291-3996 within 24 hours of the injury or as soon as possible
  2. Complete an Injury Report Form and sign a Workers' Compensation Notice within 24 hours of the injury
    or as soon as possible.  The Injury Report Form and Workers' Compensation Notice are also available via the Human Resources public folder in eDisk and the Human Resources office.

The College has selected a panel of physicians and other health care providers who are available to treat work-related injuries and illness. In order to assure payment through Workers' Compensation insurance, care must be received from a health care provider on the College's list during the first 90 days of treatment.  An employee may receive treatment, during the first 90 days, from a health care provider not on the College's list if referred by a provider who is on the list. The list of physicians and health care providers is provided on the Injury Report Form as well.

In a medical emergency, an injured employee should be transported to a hospital emergency room for treatment, or may seek immediate treatment from a health care provider of his/her choosing.  In a medical emergency, the individual should be transported by ambulance.  The injured individual must be seen by one of the health care providers on the College's list following an emergency, in order for the medical expenses to be covered through Workers' Compensation insurance. 

Please feel free to contact Human Resources if you have any questions about this information.