Anti-Harassment Training to Be Conducted Online

Franklin & Marshall College has invested in two new online anti-harassment training programs, one for faculty and professional staff, and one for managers.

The training supports the College’s commitment to building and preserving a community in which all of its members are treated with dignity and respect.

“It is important not only to state what our policy is, but to provide training that clearly describes our values as a college and ensure that everyone understands them,” said Laura Fiore, assistant director of Human Resources.

The training also reviews reporting procedures and teaches managers what to do when someone makes them aware that they or someone they work with is being harassed.

To ensure up-to-date and legally accurate content that reflects the reality of today’s workplace, Franklin & Marshall College has contracted with Workplace Answers to deliver this online course.

Workplace Answers’ courses are created, tested, reviewed and updated by practicing employment attorneys who regularly conduct in-person training in their fields of expertise. Their scenario-based approach helps users learn through the practical application of key laws and concepts. This process ensures that employees, when faced with similar situations, are equipped with the skills they need to identify and report potential legal, compliance or ethical missteps, specifically in harassment situations.

This training is delivered through Workplace Answers’ exclusive Web-based Course Delivery System, which allows users to take and complete training any time and from any computer with Internet access. Employees are notified by e-mail from Workplace Answers to complete the training. Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Omar Tirado ’98, assistant director of Desktop Integration and Support, has participated in this training program, currently in the pilot phase. He found the module for managers to be particularly insightful.

“As a manager, there is so much more information to be aware of, and this training does a good job at covering the basics,” said Tirado. “It’s very concise and clear, and I really like the insightful information that it provides.”

Once the pilot phase is completed, the training will be delivered to all employees, department by department, over the next several months, so keep an eye out for an e-mail from Workplace Answers and the Human Resources Department.

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