Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Junto Society Members, 2010-2011

Seniors (and papers presented)

Justin Brown (Bonchek)
The Benefits of Deep Sea Drilling

Valeri Harteg (Schnader)
Academic Enrichment Programs

Dierdre Kelly (Bonchek)
Grades--An Evaluation of Evaluations

Brian Kingan (Brooks)
The Glory That Was—Why America is the New Rome (and Why That’s Not a Bad Thing)

Maggie Serpi (Ware)
What’s for Dinner Tonight? An Examination of Genetically Modified Organisms in Our Food Supply

Katherine Stryker (Brooks)
“Will Someone Please Think of the Children?!”: Effects (or Non-Effects) of Video Game Violence

Chad Wright (Ware)
Challenging the Buddhist Conception of ‘No-­‐Self’


Tanya Arora (Bonchek)
Laurie Barth (Bonchek)
Andrew Berg (Schnader)
Robert Burnett (Brooks)
Abigail Heller (Ware)
Mona Lotfipour (Ware)
Kara Michelin (Schnader)
Amelia Russo (Brooks)