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Sara Blank '14

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During my time at F&M, I was convinced to join the Rumspringa Improvisation Troupe. The opportunity to participate in this group of talented people is one that I could only have had at F&M. This College invokes the thoughtfulness that led a group member to seek me out and insist I join; Franklin & Marshall creates an environment intimate enough where small groups get the recognition and platform they deserve; Franklin & Marshall fosters an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, inside which even the shyest can succeed. While I may never again have the chance to participate in a group like Rumspringa after graduation, the group and F&M gave me skills of confidence, trust, and quick-thinking that will benefit me for my whole life. Why do I give to F&M? Because F&M gave me the opportunity to explore options that I never considered, and walk away a stronger person.

--Sara Blank '14