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Install System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows

First, go to (requires NetID authentication) and download System Center Endpoint Protection. Once it is downloaded, find the download and run it.

Note: A restart may be required after the install. 

Please also note that if you are using the SCEP installer to remove Symantec, your screen may look different than what is in this documentation. 

Click on Yes to allow access for the User Account Control (UAC) to install the client.

  • 1 win7 mse uac

Click on Next

  • 2 win7 mse installwiz

Click on I accept.

  • 3 win7 mse eula

Click on the radio button I do not want to join the program at this time.

Click on Next

  • 4 win7 mse jceip

Check the box If no firewall is on, turn on Windows Firewall (Recommend)

Click on Next

  • 5 win7 mse optsecurity

Click on Install

  • 6 win7 mse install

By default the check box Scan my computer for potential threats ofter getting the latest updates is checked.

Click on Restart Now

  • 7 win7 mse finish

If you have read through the documentation and need further assistance, please click here: