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John Shelley '53

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I want to say a few words about the person that most affected my life at F & M. That is John Peifer, Jr. He took me under his wing from the time I took my first step on campus. He knew about me from my two brothers that were in the band 10 years before me. My father passed away three moths before my freshan year started. John knew I needed help both financially and emotionally. He got me a "work award" paying $250 per semester. I made a foolish mistake and lost that award. John solved the problem by having me work a few hours after class in his insurance office. He supported me like a father through each of my four years. After I graduated and moved to Arizona, he came to visit and we tried to start an alumni chapter. He even asked if I was interesed in being the F & M alumni secretary,but I could not accept because we were here for my wife's health. I will never forget the love ! and support he gave to me. He is the reason I still love band music and enjoying reading about the growth and success enjoyed by F & M. God bless both John and our college.