The Future Is Yours to Create at Career Day

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It’s a tough job market out there. Even experienced job hunters are struggling to find work in this down economy. College students today need to build the networking skills that will give them an advantage over their peers when they enter the work force.

Through a program created by the Office of Career Services, Franklin & Marshall students can begin this process on campus during Career Day. This year’s event will be held Oct. 10 from noon to 5 p.m. in Booth Ferris in the Steinman College Center. It is open to members of all classes, not just seniors.

Interested alumni and parents will be on hand to discuss individuals' goals and offer advice about possible career paths. “Our alumni are so helpful,” Franklin & Marshall Career Specialist Christine Della Penna ’07 says. “They know our staff and they’re here to help students. Some of them have mentored F&M students in the past. They have a vested interest in helping our students succeed.”

From recent graduates to seasoned executives, 30 alumni representing government, business, human resources, law, nonprofit and social services will share insights and discuss opportunities. This year’s attendees include Dean Becker ’71, managing director of Adaptiv Learning Systems; Thomas Rhoads ’78, vice president/executive career coach at Innovational Services; Linda Cortese ’90, director of new product planning and business development at GlaxoSmithKline; Michael Ruhl ’89, director of human resources at Spalding Automotive Inc; and Haytham Zohny ’09, financial management trainee, The Travelers Companies.

Students will enjoy a networking luncheon while practicing their interpersonal skills. “We coach students on how to introduce themselves, how to discuss the things that they are interested in, and what really impresses potential employers and graduate schools,” Della Penna says. “In light of the recession, it’s even more important to make yourself stand out in a crowd, build relationships and have a strong, foundational network of people who you can count on to pass your résumé along or introduce you to people who can potentially hire you.”

Leadership trainer Nancy Hunter Denney, author of How to Zing! Your Life and Leadership: 21 Insights on Maximizing Your Influence, will deliver this year’s Career Day keynote speech, “The Future Is Yours to Create.” Her goal is to inspire students to take responsibility for their own career path.

Registration for Career Day is limited and closes Oct. 6. For more information, go to FandMConnect.

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