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Post-Bac Possibilities

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“It’s never too late” . . . “Think when, not if” . . . and “Hey, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over” . . . These are things I hear myself saying on a fairly regular basis.  To be candid, I sometimes wonder if I’m building up false hope.  Is the end goal of admission to health professional school really possible for all F&M graduates as long as they’re fully committed?  Is “it’s never too late” a helpful reminder or a mere platitude?  It could only be a meaningless cliché if everyone already knew it, I suppose, and given the number of pre-health students I see who are ready to throw in the towel, “it’s never too late” is far from a universal belief.  So is there a way of getting from college to health professional school for nearly everyone, really?  Yes.  How do I know?  Because post-bac programs make it so.


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This week has been rough.  Last week, too . . .  This whole time around the middle of the semester is always this way. Pre-health students become frequent, harried visitors at my drop-in hours, each with a unique situation, each with a cause for frustration, anxiety, and disappointment, sometimes to the point of tears. . . Today I think it’s important to remember a few basic tenets of pre-health existence. Hopefully these will cheer up those of you who are stressing out.  They may be helpful points to return to in the coming months and years as the pre-health workload piles high.  They’re especially crucial to recall during rough patches.

Homecoming Weekend… Tips for Fostering Relationships and Making Connections!

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It is Homecoming Weekend!  With a packed schedule and so many friends and acquaintances to see, it can be challenging to fit everything in.  One of the coolest aspects of Homecoming is the opportunity to reconnect with people we haven’t seen in a while and to meet new alumni friends.  In my individual consulting work with alumni, connections with fellow alum are consistently at the top of professional development wish lists.  A deep and strong alumni network provides every alumnus/a with a resource for professional and career development exploration, at their fingertips.