Active Voice Returns!

Active Voice Returns!

Our newsletter, Active Voice, returns for its first mini-issue in over a year!  

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About the Writing Center

The Writing Center at Franklin & Marshall College

At Franklin & Marshall College, writing is a vital part of your education, and one of the most important ways in which you explore and connect ideas as you learn. For this reason, you will have writing assignments, ranging from lab reports to critical reviews to lengthy term papers, in most of your college courses.

To help you with these assignments and other kinds of writing that you do, the College has established the Writing Center, staffed by student writing assistants. The Center is a place where you can come to talk about your work, to discuss and clarify your ideas, to improve your style. This process benefits any and all writers -- from first-year students composing a first college paper or preparing an initial PowerPoint presentation, to those writing seminar papers or honors theses.

What We Offer

How to Use the Writing Center

Writing Center appointments are managed online.  You can make or modify an appointment by visiting the Writing Center and requesting assistance, or you can schedule your own appointments online!   

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Whitesell Prize Competition

Each year, the Writing Center awards Phyllis C. Whitesell Prizes to recognize excellent student writing in the General Education curriculum. 

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Student Resources

Here you will find PDF versions of the Writing Center's handouts addressing various aspects of the writing process. The Writing Center's guide to acknowledging sources and avoiding plagiarism—including sections on the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles—is also available to download here.


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