Reception-Stitched Stories: Women's Narratives in Regional Textiles AND 50 Years: A Celebration of F&M's Alumnae

September 19 '2019 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Mall Area

Opening Reception 

Stitched Stories:  Women's Narratives in Regional Textiles
This exhibition reexamines textiles found in the Phillips Museum of Art's permanent collection, crafted by women from the 19th through the 20th centuries.  By analyzing the narratives told through the fabrics, viewers can witness the women's efforts to document their lives, be an agent of social change, and build community through their handicraft.  Understanding the crucial role that women had in the realm of creativity with textiles, Stitched Stories redefines what is considered a work of art.


50 Years:  A Celebration of F&M's Alumnae
Franklin & Marshall college admitted the first class of female students in the fall of 1969. One hundred and twenty-five women joined the 1,850 enrolled male students on campus. Marking the 50th anniversary of co-education, the Phillips Museum of Art is celebrating by highlighting two alumnae artists from each decade since that historical day in F&M’s history.

Alumnae artists include Christy Batta’09, Cindy Clements ‘85, Michele Colburn ‘76, Rebecca Frantz ‘13, Stephanie Lifshutz ‘13, Conrad Nelson ‘81, Beverly Ryan ‘73, Rachael Scharf ‘09, Jennie de Mello e Souza ‘92, and Frances Wolf ‘96. These artists have created a variety of works including sculpture, pottery, paintings, neon signs, and textiles created from Vietnam-era military trip wire. The work showcases a wealth of perspectives and purpose ranging from every day use to political activism and social awareness.