Why it Matters

Leading national liberal arts colleges influence society through the knowledge they create and the problems they solve. We support a faculty celebrated for excellence in research, scholarship and creative endeavor.

To elevate the reach and impact of their work, we will expand seed funding and research innovation grants. We also will pursue groundbreaking research of national influence, aligned with the interests and strengths of our professors.

We cherish the synergy between great teaching and the creation of original ideas in the library or lab. A professor’s fieldwork across the globe, his or her writing a new novel, film or opera, or sculpting a work of art, can generate entirely new seminars and learning opportunities for students. The best colleges foster a dynamic, creative culture that inspires all.

To attract and retain extraordinary faculty, a new innovation fund for tenure-track professors will support the early stages of potentially high-impact research. We will develop resources to provide seed funding to faculty to launch research and creative projects to attract national grants and fellowships.

The opportunity to create new knowledge or original art as an undergraduate is thrilling and can influence the direction of a student’s life. Top students expect such singular research experiences, as evidenced by the steep increase in applications for our Hackman research awards, which we are committed to expanding.

"Fire can only kindle fire. Mind can only awaken mind." - Frederick Rauch, President, Marshall College, 1836

In the coming years, we will pursue more intentionally specialized research sparked when faculty and students work together across disciplines. F&M faculty share an impressive record of interdisciplinary teaching and research spanning countless fields of study. We know that solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges increasingly emerge when disciplines intersect. They emerge in a culture of creativity. With additional funding, F&M can harness its collective intellectual power to work on issues of national and global reach.