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Tutoring for Module 2 starts on Wednesday October 14, 2020.  Our tutoring schedules will be  through our Scheduler.

  • Drop-in tutoring. Drop-in tutoring is happening in hybrid format.  Details may vary slightly between departments. Drop-in schedules remain largely unchanged. 
  • QuEST sessions.  Most QuEST sessions are running through videoconferencing. Again, details may vary between courses.
  • Individual tutoring: Tutors and tutees will meet online, through videoconferencing. See tutor availability for individual appointments through our Scheduler software. 
    • Tutees can select repeating (weekly) appointments or occasional consultations. 
    • Tutees can upload problems to the appointment so tutors can prepare in advance.
    • The online location for the session appears in the Scheduler appointment information. 


Wondering which classes we support in Module 2, Fall 2020?  Schedules

  • Astronomy (AST100): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

  • Biology (BIO220, BIO305): Weekly Appointments, QuEST Group Sessions

  • Bio Stat (BIO210): Consultation Appointments, Drop-in

  • BOS-Accounting (BOS224): Drop-in, QuEST Group Sessions

  • BOS (250, 360): Drop-in

  • Computer Science (CPS111, 222): Drop-in

  • Economics (ECO100, 103, 200, 201, 203, 210): Drop-in

  • General Chemistry 1 & 2  (CHM111/112): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments, QuEST Group Sessions for CHM112 section

  • Organic Chemistry (CHM211): Weekly Appointments, QuEST Group Sessions

  • Math (MAT105, 109, 110,111):  Drop-in, Weekly Appointments, 

  • Physics (PHY111, 112, 223): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

  • Psychology-Stats (PSY230): Consultation Appointments, Drop-in

  • Psychology-Intro (PSY100): QuEST, Weekly Appointments

About the Quantitative and Science Center (Q&SC) 

Who We Are and What We Do

The College established the Q&SC in 2014 to help F&M students build problem solving and quantitative skills through peer-to-peer help.  With a team of nearly 50 peer tutors, the Q&SC provides many opportunities for students seeking additional resources to help master course content and enhance study skills.

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How To Use the Q&SC

Students can access the Q&SC Schedule from their Academics page on Inside F&M.  The Q&SC Scheduler shows which courses are supported with tutoring and is a handy way to check the schedule and location of Drop-in and QuEST Sessions, as well as make a weekly tutoring or consultation appointment. 

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Upcoming Events

Building Skills

Study Skills

Strong study skills are key components to student success.  Our tutors are trained to help students analyze and assess their current practices and can suggest ways to improve and recommend new techniques to try.  Here we provide some general information and resources on study skills.  


Quantitative Skills

Basic quantitative skills, i.e. mathematical concepts and reasoning skills, are needed to succeed in F&M’s intro science, econ, math and computer science courses. Here we provide some self-help resources for several topics that students commonly find challenging.


Feedback Form

Have any questions, issues, or feedback about Q&SC tutoring?

If you have a question or information you would like to share with us regarding any of the Q&SC tutoring programs, please submit it here. You may remain anonymous, however, if you would like a reply on your issue or question, please provide your name. Be as detailed as possible so that we may address the issue to the best of our ability.    

Q&SC Feedback Form

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