Why do we emphasize study skills in the Q&SC? Simple. Over and over, we see that fundamental study skills—like time management, prioritization, and utilizing resources—underlie students' struggles or successes. They matter!

The purpose of this page is to present a selection of self-help resources on a variety of study skills.  Check back frequently for new and expanded selections.  

Time Management

Learning Styles

Time Management 

Top 5 Steps to Successful Time Management 

1.  Set specific academic and personal goals.

2.  Create a term calendar, recording major events.

3.  Create a weekly schedule of your classes, labs, drill, meetings, etc.

4.  Decide on specific times to work on each course.

5. Make a to-do list for each day the night before or during breakfast.


Learning Styles 

Because study skills can vary based on learning style, use the quiz in the link below for a few suggestions that may work for you!  Tutors at the Quantitative Science Center can provide more information in a tutoring session.