What is Drop-In Tutoring?

Drop-in tutoring is a time when students can come without an appointment  and meet with a tutor waiting to help. This is a great option for students who may not have the time or want to commit to a weekly tutor, but may still have questions throughout the semester. Students with an individual tutor can also utilize drop-in hours for any additional questions they might have. Demand varies depending on the day of the week and time in the semester, so you may be the only student at a drop-in session or there may by a group of students.    


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"Working with one of the tutors completely changed how I approach seemingly difficult problems - they don't seem as impossible or intimidating anymore."

Drop-In Schedule and Locations

Our drop-in schedules and locations are conveniently viewable on-line in the Q&SC Schedule and Appointment System, accessed from your My Academics tab on MyDiplomat.   After clicking on the "Q&SC Tutoring" button, you will see the Welcome Page.  Select "Drop-In Tutoring" from the main menu box and then choose your subject ("Organic Chemistry", "Econ", etc) to view drop-in days/times/locations.

Drop-in Tutee Rights and Responsibilities

All students who utilize drop-in tutoring are required to sign a form that acts as an understanding between the tutor and tutee about expectations and requirements of tutoring. 

In order to participate in drop-in tutoring, I acknowledge my responsibility to:

  • Attend class and take good notes.
  • Bring books, notes, returned assignments and returned tests to each session.
  • Read assigned chapters and do homework before each session. My tutor will not do my homework for me.
  • Talk with my professor when I have questions that are not answered during tutoring. 
  • Carefully consider my tutor’s suggestions for learning modifications.
  • Analyze what I do and don’t know.
  • Respond to any evaluation surveys or feedback forms sent to me by the Center.
  • Respect others involved in drop-in tutoring sessions and maintain a positive learning environment.
  • Recognize that in a well-attended drop-in session, my tutor will need to divide his/her attention among all attendees. 

I also acknowledge my right to be:

  • Treated with respect by my tutors.
  • Informed (upon request) of the kind of data collected by the Q&SC, who will have access to it, how it will be used, and how long it will be kept.
  • Able to submit any questions or concerns I have about my tutoring experience through the “Student Issue Form” on the Q&SC website.