Finding a Tutor

On-Line Scheduling System 

Students can access the Q&SC Scheduler from their Academics page on Inside F&M and:

  • check Drop-In and QuEST days, times and locations
  • make a tutoring appointment 
  • receive reminder emails


Ready to find a tutor? 

Use the Q&SC Scheduler to browse our list of supported courses, learn about the types of tutoring offered, and get started!


Supported Courses

F18 Courses and Type(s) of Tutoring offered...


Astronomy (AST100): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

Biology (BIO220, BIO305): Weekly Appointments, QuEST Group Sessions

Bio Stat (BIO210): Consultation Appointments, Drop-in

BOS-Accounting (BOS224): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

BOS (BOS324, 250, 360): Drop-in

Computer Science (CPS111, 112): Drop-in, QuEST Group Sessions

Economics (ECO100, 103, 200, 201, 203): Drop-in

General Chemistry-Class (CHM111) Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

General Chemistry-Lab (CHM111) Drop-in* (*but must make prior appointment)

Organic Chemistry (CHM211): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments, QuEST Group Sessions

Math (MAT105, 109, 110, 111, 211, 216, 229)Drop-in

Physics (PHY111, 112): Drop-in, Weekly Appointments

Psychology-Psych Stats (PSY230): Consultation Appointments, Drop-in

Psychology-Bio Psych (PSY302): Consultation Appointments, Drop-in

Types of Tutoring 

Drop-In Tutoring

Students can attend drop-in sessions for a number of subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, Econ, BOS, and Computer Sciences.    

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Weekly Tutoring Appointment

Students meet weekly with a tutor, individually or in small groups,  to ask questions and receive help in any trouble areas.  

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QuEST Group Sessions

Come to QuEST  for Quantitative Extra Study Time! Peer group leaders attend class and run voluntary work-sessions where all students can improve study skills and content mastery. 

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Consultation Appointment

Consultation Appointments allow students who have specific questions, are having difficulty understanding a concept, or need tutoring on an irregular basis to make an appointment to meet with a tutor on an “as needed” basis.  Tutoring can be done online or face-to-face. On-line sessions are conducted via a shared workspace within the Scheduler...

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Workshops and Special Events

Throughout the semester, the Q&SC offers a limited schedule of workshops and special events.  Examples of past offerings include:  Excel (basic and intermediate), How to Write Like a Biologist, BIO220 Lab Fair, Study Tips, and Study Jam.

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