How to Get Tutoring

Using the Scheduler

All of our tutoring services are run through the Scheduler, also accessible within MyDiplomat by selecting Academics and clicking on the Q&SC Tutoring icon.  In the Scheduler, you can use the drop-down menu right below the Q&SC logo to select which type of tutoring you want:


Individual Tutoring

Meet one-on-one with a tutor

The Scheduler displays the courses and tutors each day down the left side, with that tutor's availability indicated by the white boxes. Click one at a time that works for you and a window will pop up to set up the appointment. If you would like to meet regularly every week, you can set that up with the tutor at the meeting.



Just walk in, no advance appointment necessary

The Scheduler displays the courses, locations, and tutors down the left, with the drop-in hours indicated by the white boxes. If you are coming to tutoring in-person, just go to the room indicated during drop-in hours and the tutor will help you out.



Tutor-led activities to help you master the content

Just like drop-ins, the Scheduler lists the rooms and times for all QuEST sessions; you can simply show up in person at the designated location and time.


Fall 2021 Supported Courses

Types of Tutoring 

Drop-In Tutoring

Students can attend drop-in sessions for a number of subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, Econ, BOS, and Computer Sciences.    

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Tutoring Appointment

Students meet with a tutor, individually or in small groups,  to ask questions and receive help in any trouble areas.  Upon request, an appointment can be repeated for all the weeks of a semester to create a regular, weekly session.

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QuEST Group Sessions

Come to QuEST  for Quantitative Extra Study Time! Peer group leaders attend class and run voluntary work-sessions where all students can improve study skills and content mastery. 

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Workshops and Special Events

Throughout the semester, the Q&SC offers a limited schedule of workshops and special events.  Examples of past offerings include:  Excel (basic and intermediate), How to Write Like a Biologist, BIO220 Lab Fair, Study Tips, and Study Jam.

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