Consultation Appointment Tutoring

Consultation Appointment (CA) Tutoring is a NEW type of tutoring we are offering.  It targets the courses we support that have a lower tutoring demand:  Bio Stat, Psych Stat, Bio Psych, Physics, and Astronomy.

Consultation appointment (CA) tutoring is offered for those courses where there is a demand for tutoring, but not enough to schedule regular drop-in times.  It allows students to schedule a time to meet with a tutor.

Like drop-in, CA tutoring is designed for students who have specific questions, are having difficulty understanding a concept, or need tutoring on an irregular basis.  Unlike drop-in, the tutor will not be sitting and waiting for tutees -- if there are no appointments scheduled at least 1 day prior to the session then there will be no session.  In other words, there won't be a tutor waiting if there are no advanced appointments.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make an appointment in advance?  Yes.  Appointments must be made at least 1 day in advance using the Q&SC On-Line System. (If you would like to make an appointment in a shorter timeframe you are welcome to email the tutor and inquire as to availability.  Tutors are not obligated to accept appointments with less lead time, but can do so if their schedules allow).

Will there be other tutees there?  Maybe!  Some sessions will be busier and some quieter.  Our tutors have been trained to manage a session with 1 person as well as a small group.

What if I make an appointment but need to cancel?  No problem.  You may cancel your appointment without penalty if it is at least 4 hours in advance.  Otherwise it will count as a "missed appointment".

What happens if I miss my appointment?  You are allowed 2 "no shows" per semester.  After that, you will lose tutoring privileges until you meet with the Q&SC Director for reinstatement.

Can I choose to send a report of my session to my professor?  Yes!  You can choose this option when you make your appointment.