Basic quantitative skills are essential for success in many courses at F&M, but especially those supported at Q&SC. The purpose of this page is to present a selection of resources for review and self-help for a few fundamental quantitative skills as well as some course-specific resources.   


Ratios, Proportions, and Rates 

Significant Figures

Excel Workshop for CHM 112

Significant Figures

Excel Workshop for CHM112 

Excel is heavily utilized in general chemistry (CHM112) lab reports in the spring semester.  The Chemistry Excel Workshop is focused on the specific skill set needed for these labs and uses two exercises to illustrate specific applications of Excel based on CHM111 and CHM112 lab projects.

Chemistry Excel Workshop

Here is a video of our chemistry excel workshop.   We recommend you also download the PDF file below that contains an overview of the spreadsheet tools discussed, as well as the data sets and exercises, in the video. If you have questions about the workshop or about excel, feel free to come to chemistry drop-in.  

Workshop Video