What are SI and PPW? 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Peer-Led Problem Solving Workshop (PPW) are both forms of group study sessions for students in supported courses. SI is offered for the into Biology classes.  PPW is more problem-focused and offered for selected Chemistry and Physics clases.  Both SI and PPW sessions help reinforce and clarify the  material covered in class.  Because our leaders sit in on lectures, and work closely with the professor to plan sessions, they have a clear understanding of what the professor emphasizes and what is important to review and practice. The leader acts as a facilitator. Leaders do not teach material, but rather organize activities that get students thinking about the material in new ways, questioning themselves and one another. Leaders also form activities and discussions about learning styles, study techniques, and test preparation and reflection. 

"I like the laid back environment and the interactive group activities at SI. I find the discussions really helpful."
"SI sessions have not only helped me but have given me motivation to explore new topics within the bio realm. My grades so far have absolutely been a result of constant SI attendance."
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is supplemental instruction different from peer tutoring?

    Supplemental Instruction leaders sit in on the class and plan their sessions based on the material currently covered in class. SI is only available this semester for BIO110 and 230. Questions and information covered during peer tutoring sessions is up to the students who attend the session and therefore is more open ended. 


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  • What if the SI sessions aren't held when I can attend?

    Your SI leader will take a poll during the first week of class to determine the best dates and times for the most people in the class. If it turns out that both the weekly sessions conflict with your schedule, drop-in hours and weekly tutoring is still available. Please make use of these resources.

  • How should I prepare for an SI session?

    For SI sessions you should look over your notes beforehand to refresh your memory about what information was covered during the previous lecture. Be sure to also complete any readings or problems beforehand and come prepared with any questions you may have. As with tutoring sessions, bring your notes, books, and any other resources. For importantly, come prepared to participate. The success of SI depends on the drive of the students. 

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SI/PPW Schedules

Our SI and PPW schedules are conveniently viewable on-line in the Q&SC Schedule and Appointment System (My Academics tab on Inside F&M).  From the Welcome Page, select "SI/PPW Group Sessions" from the main menu box and then choose your subject ("Physics", "Biology", etc).