Our first initiative is to improve learning outcomes by building problem solving skills and quantitative skills in F&M students through peer-to-peer help.  To do this, we offer several different types of tutoring.

  • Group Sessions (called "QuEST" for Quantitative Extra Study Time)

  • Drop-In Tutoring

  • Consultation Appointments

  • Tutoring Appointments  (one-on-one or small group)

  • Workshops


We invite you to explore the How to Use the Q&SC page for an explanation of the different tutoring types we offer, our list of supported courses, and how to get started.

All Q&SC tutoring is free for all F&M students. 





The Quantitative & Science Center is located in a suite of rooms in Harris, 020-016. The Center is used for numerous tutoring sessions and occasional staff meetings throughout the week, but students are encourage to use our rooms as a study space whenever one is free and Harris is open. The Center has a variety of textbooks and plenty of white board space. 


  • Tutoring Room 017

Tutoring Approach and Philosophy 

 Peer tutors can be a valuable resource for many students to help them "learn how to learn" science and quantitative content. In the Q&SC, we believe that the role of a tutor is to facilitate, encourage, and reinforce the learning that is happening during class. Our tutors do not re-lecture or re-teach material per se.  Instead, they will help a student arrive at an answer or explore a concept through a series of guided questions.  This does not mean that our tutors will never answer a student's question. It does mean that they are selective and careful about what they answer and how they answer since there is much value in having students work through a problem or concept in steps so they can make connections for themselves. Whether it be drop-in, weekly tutoring, group sessions, or one-on-one turoing, students who use our tutoring services should expect to work hard and be the ones writing, drawing, talking and DOING the work during the session. 

We also believe that tutoring is for everyone. The students who come for Q&SC tutoring represent the entire spectrum of proficiency in content knowledge and study skills. Our tutors know how to focus a session on the needs of their tutees and consequently are helpful regardless of the tutees academic background, level, and goals. 

Q&SC Tutors

Tutors are students who have been recommended and approved by the departments in which they tutor. Tutors have already taken the designated classes for which they are tutoring and have a firm understanding of the material and problems that may arise for students currently enrolled in the courses. Like those seeking tutoring, peer tutors are students and understand the time, commitment, and skills necessary to succeed in a course. Every tutor is trained in tutoring techniques and prepared to help answer any questions students might have. 

Just as students are required to sign a contract when utilizing Q&SC, our tutors sign a contract agreeing to stay up-to-date on content and tutoring techniques, to maintain communication with Q&SC staff and tutees, and to preserve confidentiality of tutoring sessions.

Tutor Roster

  • 2-day Tutor Training 2-day Tutor Training

For Parents 


Under the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act, the Quantitative & Science Center cannot release any student academic information to parents. This includes academic information from outside the Center, from professors, and from tutoring sessions.   





Tutoring from the Quantitative & Science Center is free of charge to any student currently enrolled at Franklin & Marshall College. Because of the high volume of students and the need for tutoring in introductory courses, tutoring is primarily available for the introductory science as well as selected BOS, economics and computer science courses. To assist the Center's goal, please encourage your son or daughter to

  • use the center as a resource

  • attend and prepare for scheduled tutoring sessions

  • attend class regularly

  • utilize office hours with his/her professor to ask questions and receive help.