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Peer Academic Coaching (PAC)

Peer Academic Coaching (PAC) is available to all students at F&M. Each PAC brings a special set of skills, including strategies for time management, stress management, studying, motivation, and so much more. 

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F&M's Learning Support Specialist

F&M's Learning Support Specialist, Amy Faust coordinates F&M's academic support programs, including the Peer Academic Coaching program & the Peer Support Collective. Amy helps students develop academic action plans to find and maintain success. 

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Peer Support Collective

F&M's Peer Support Collective includes  peer mentors, tutors, and academic coaches who strive to make support at F&M accessible & visible. Every F&M student can access the Peer Support Collective on Canvas: just enter any course and scroll down the left-hand menu to find us! 

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Tutoring & Academic Support

From developing your writing skills at the Writing Center, enjoying science tutoring at the Quantitative & Science Center, connecting with a Peer Health Educator to booster your overall wellness, or getting individual research advice from a librarian, there are endless opportunities for support. 

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Academic Tips & Habits 

The science of learning tells us that academics and wellness are not mutually exclusive, but rather integral and interrelated parts of success in college. As such, we are committed to providing students at F&M a holistic system of academic and wellness support in an effort to deconstruct educational, personal, and social challenges and co-construct positive, productive, and healthy habits.  

At F&M, student wellness is a top priority. We fully recognize that learning is optimal when stress is minimal. 


F&M's "Keep Learning!" Site

This site provides some basic advice and keeps you connected to the various learning resources that are available to you including tutoring via the QS&C, Writing Center, Academic Support Programs and Student Accessibility Services. 

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Productive Reading Habits

Follow these simple steps to manage the volume and pace of your assigned readings. 

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Test-Taking Tips

Learn how to prepare smart, test smart and get the grade you worked for. 

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The Pocket-Size Workshop Series

These workshops share brief (but powerful) tips for academic success. 

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Learn How Your Brain Works

Executive Function (EF) (a set of mental skills that include memory, flexible thinking and self-control) is a crucial part of college success. If you know how your brain works you are empowered to make it work the best for you.  

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For Faculty 

Trauma-Sensitive Teaching

This series of videos for faculty will showcase how long- and short-term trauma impact learning, and how to take this consideration into future teaching methods. 

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Our Commitment to Educational Equity & Racial Justice 
“Adequate and equitable resources are important to the future success and development of Black students.”

 Our academic resource programs are specifically intended to support every student's opportunity  for access to & engagement in their academic pursuits. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to learn about a long history of systemic and institutional racism so that we can engage with our community in ways that promote educational access and equity. 

We are held accountable by each of you to listen, learn, and act.

Our action steps:
  1. We commit to educating ourselves through collaborative training to better understand inequality, racism, and racial injustice as they relate to equitable opportunity in education.
  2. We commit to increased hiring of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Students of Color as Peer Academic Coaches.
  3. We commit to increased outreach to Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Students of Color and to help reduce any stigma associated with  academic support. 

For more information about these Action Steps, please email Amy Faust.

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