F&M offers excellent Academic Support Programs at no additional cost to students. Our programs cover a full range of support opportunities and can be tailored to meet specific student needs.  We work collaboratively with all campus resources to develop an integrated plan for students. 

At F&M, student wellness is a top priority. We fully recognize that learning is optimal when stress is minimal. We do not separate academics and wellness; instead we consider them to be integral components of college success, and, as such, we incorporate wellness planning into all Academic Support Programs. Our programs are intentionally designed to support students in their academic pursuits while helping them sustain habits for mental and physical wellness. 

For more information about the Academic Support Programs offered at F&M, scroll through this page or contact Amy Faust, F&M's Learning Specialist.

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Story 11/1/2018

Learning to Fail in Order to Succeed: Creativity, Innovation...

For students enrolled this semester in the CID course, the experience of using tools for projects not even remotely connected to their majors has been enlightening in many respects.

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Story 9/13/2018

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

Wes Moore; CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, author, veteran and social entrepreneur

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Story 8/22/2018

F&M Welcomes New Faculty for 2018-19 Academic Year

A list of the new faculty members teaching in the 2018-19 academic year. 

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