F&M's Academic Support Resources include Learning Support Specialist Amy Faust and a collective of Peer Academic Coaches (PACs).  We believe that the science of learning tells us that academics and wellness are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually supportive. As such, we are committed to providing students at F&M a holistic system of academic and wellness support in an effort to deconstruct educational, personal, and social challenges and co-construct positive, productive, and healthy habits. Our goal is to promote equity, access, wellness, and independence in academic participation and success.  Amy & PACs are available to all students at F&M.  

Our Commitment to Educational Equity & Racial Justice

"Adequate and equitable resources are important to the future success and development of Black students."  (nea.org)

Our Academic Resource Programs are specifically intended to support every student's opportunity  for access to & engagement in their academic pursuits. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to learn about a long history of systemic and institutional racism so that we can engage with our community in ways that promote educational access and equity. 

We are held accountable by each of you to listen, learn, and act.

Our Action Steps:

1.  We commit to educating ourselves through collaborative training to better understand inequality, racism, and racial injustice as they relate to equitable opportunity in education.

2. We commit to increased hiring of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Students of Color as Peer Academic Coaches.

3. We commit to increased outreach to Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Students of Color and to help reduce any stigma associated with  academic support. 

For more information about these Action Steps, please email Amy Faust.

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