4/21/2021 Stephanie Kessler and Paul Daigle

Student Employee and Supervisor of the Year Announced

Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares a full week in April to be National Student Employment Week. It was established to increase public awareness of the contribution of students to the work and life of their college and to recognize students who work while attending college. It is also a time to recognize supervisors that oversee the student experience by providing training and development that prepare students for their careers.

Each year, student employees have the opportunity to nominate their supervisor for supervisor of the year, and supervisors can nominate exceptional student employees for student employee of the year.  Over the past several weeks, two committees of staff and students reviewed, scored, and selected winners.  

Today, we are happy to announce the winners and runners-up.

Student Employee of the Year:  Nina Kegelman ‘21 - Writing Center Head Tutor

Runners-up: Emily Mansfield ‘22 - OSPGD; Maria Ayala Montes De Oca ‘21 - The POGIL Project

Supervisor of the Year:  Jason Thompson - Winter Visual Arts Center Sculpture Studio Monitor

Runners-up: Susan Dicklitch-Nelson - Government Professor;  

Amy Faust - Learning Support Specialist, Office of Accessibility Services

Information about and pictures from the 2019 and 2020 awards winners can be found here: https://www.fandm.edu/student-employment/student-employee-of-the-year


Nina Kegelman ‘21  is a Spanish and Moral Psychology double major, involved with the College Reporter, Interfaith Student Council, John Newman Association, and has served as a Spanish Department Tutor.  Nina has also worked in the Writing Center since her sophomore year and her supervisor/nominator, Justin Hopkins ‘06 states:

Perhaps Nina's greatest attribute (in addition to the usual work ethic, intelligence, etc.) is how calm and self-controlled she is. Writing Center tutors must be ready to react to a wide range of situations at various levels of emergency (tutor not showing up for shift? online schedule crashing?), and Nina does so with a remarkable level of coolness. Maybe the biggest example of this attribute is Nina's overall response to even being Head Tutor--a position that she was supposed to share with another student. Nina picked up the extra responsibilities without a word of complaint or concern, and she has carried that load through three modules now with no more visible strain than she exhibited in her previous capacity as tutor or Co-Head Tutor. As further evidence of this attribute of Nina's, here is a quote from one of the current tutors she oversees: "Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Nina has worked hard to ensure not just that everyone's doing their jobs well, but that everyone's connected and enjoying themselves. From sending memes and sparking debates in the staff group chat to playing a key role in creating a virtual training program from scratch, Nina's leadership during the pandemic has been the glue holding the staff together."

Another tutor, one who has worked with Nina since their sophomore year, has this to say: "Nina has been a wonderful leader this year and has taken the difficulties of online tutoring in stride. Her thoughtful questions make the entire group think deeply about important issues related to writing and tutoring, and she is an A+ leader who always strives to make everyone a more effective tutor. She is a delight to work with!" I can wholeheartedly agree. 

Senior Nina Kegelman.

Senior Nina Kegelman is head tutor at the Writing Center.  

Jason Thompson, Winter Visual Arts Center Sculpture Studio Monitor, works with a student in welding class.

Jason Thompson works with a student in welding class.  Credit: Deb Grove

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