8/24/2022 Peter Durantine

F&M Welcomes New Faculty for 2022-2023

 Nicole M. Baran, visiting assistant professor of psychology

Baran received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and her Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell University, where she specialized in behavioral and evolutionary neuroscience. Before joining F&M, she completed postdoctoral research at Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, and University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research interests focus on the neural, hormonal, and genetic basis of social behavior in songbirds.

James Jolles, adjunct assistant professor, earth and environment

My research aims to understand the mechanisms that form large super-volcano volumes of magma in the crust and to constrain how quickly these large volumes of magma can be mobilized and subsequently erupted at the surface. I employ rock and mineral geochemistry to place constraints on variables such as magma formation depths and pre-eruptive magmatic temperatures. I am also interested in the intersection between geology and people, including natural resources and energy, archaeology and stone tools, and agriculture. 

Chris Keeney, adjunct instructor of music 

"My background as a musician is a mix of studio work, music for theater, and a broad range of live performances as both a band leader and supporting player, in addition to a substantial private teaching practice.  My focus as a teacher is on real-world application of techniques and styles, and helping students elevate themselves as musicians."   

Christina McSherry '12, adjunct assistant professor of anthropology

My current research focuses on expanding the field of historical conflict archaeology to consider sites of non-physical conflict. I have additional research interests focused on the history and archaeology of military sites, public memory of war and conflict, and using interdisciplinary techniques to understand conflict and its impacts. I also use community-based participatory and decolonizing research methods. 

Ankur Nandedkar, adjuct assistant professor in BOS

Nandedkar also is an associate professor of management at Millersville University. He earned a doctorate in management from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, Texas. His current research interests focus on leadership, organizational citizenship behaviors, and management pedagogy. He enjoys studying the effects of transformational leadership on team building, employee motivation, and job performance. He is also passionate about the scholarship of teaching and learning, emphasizing active learning. He has published in the International Journal of Organizational Theory & Behavior, Computers in Human BehaviorJournal of Leadership Education, and various national and international conferences. Currently, he serves as an Associate Editor of the South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences.   

Lucia Parry, visiting instructor of psychology. 

My broad area of interest lies in children’s socioemotional adaptation within the context of close relationships, particularly those within the family system. More specifically, I am interested in how and why children exposed to family conflict and adversity (e.g., coparenting conflict) exhibit heightened vulnerability to an array of psychological problems. In addition, I am interested in how children exposed to family adversity develop coping skills, specifically grit and resilience, and the impact of these coping skills on their later adjustment or maladjustment. Finally, I am interested in the translational aspect of this research – programs that can be implemented in a home or academic setting that focus on teaching children the crucial coping skills that will allow them to be successful, contributing members of society, both academically and personally; policy development; and the advocacy of using science to inform policy. 

Natalie Robin (she/her), adjunct instructor, theatre and dance

Robin is a Philadelphia-based lighting designer, educator and organizer who believes that design is dramaturgy and is interested in how the generative text for work can be found in movement as much as in language. She holds inclusivity, transparency and vulnerability at the center of her teaching and her collaborations. She loves musicals.   

  • Nicole Baran Nicole Baran
  • James Jolles James Jolles
  • Chris Keeney Chris Keeney
  • Christina McSherry '12 Christina McSherry '12
  • Ankur Nandedker Ankur Nandedker
  • Lucia Parry Lucia Parry
  • Natalie Robin Natalie Robin
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