9/20/2022 Amanda Loh

PA College Advising Corps Advisers Head Back to School

The College Advising Corps in Pennsylvania's 28 Advisers have all begun the new school year at their respective partner high schools!
The mission of the Corps is to empower low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented high school students to identify and pursue higher education opportunities. 
This year, 28 Advisers will serve in 29 high schools and reach more than 14,000 students. Through a near-peer model involving one-on-one mentoring, large-scale college events (field trips, college application workshops, financial aid assistance, etc.), and community integration, the Advisers will connect with their students and prepare them for life after high school. 
College Advising Corps in Pennsylvania is a joint venture of Franklin & Marshall College, Gettysburg College, and Millersville University and is an AmeriCorps program. 
   Advisers for 2022-2023: 
   Alyx Matchett 
   Amanda Sample 
   Andrea Repetz
   Andrew Ford
   Ashleigh Blackwell
   Ben Cebula
   Caroline Cuetara
   Cindy Peralta Nin
   Cristian Tineo
   Elizabeth Heisler
   Emma Holmes
   Gian Fabian
   Hanna Riley
   Jenna Lapp
   Jessica Lin
   Jody Efron
   Joshua Marzak
   Kaitlyn Loeben
   Kaitlyn Masser
   Katrina Sliter
   Kayla Bush
   Kelsey Broadfield
   Kelton Chastulik
   Kyle Hoffman
   Liz Steward
   Louisa Kilgore
   Noah Steinfeldt
   Sarah Sandberg
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