2/27/2014 Peter Durantine

Heads Up: Franklin Innovation Challenge is March 28

The Franklin Innovation Challenge (FIC) will have a new and improved angle this year in that student teams will be required to select a member of the Faculty or Professional Staff for each team.

The FIC will be a single, rally style competition held at 4 p.m., Friday March 28th in the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center – judging will follow upon the completion of the competition at 7p.m.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as a working team member if students ask you to be on their team.

The secret project will not be revealed until the event begins and all teams will be provided the same supply of materials from which they can improve and innovate the concept/idea/project.  There will be plenty of opportunities to be green and eco-friendly as well as creative!  No preparation is required and teams need to show up and be fast on their feet!

Thanks for talking up the event with students and if you have the opportunity  say “YES” if you are asked to be a team member.

Entry deadline is March 7th before Spring Break so thanks for stirring up a team if you can.

The new format will have a broad appeal to any and all majors and the more diversity on a team is a huge plus to get creative ideas flowing.  Diversity on any level will make for a stronger team – ages, majors, cultures, you name it– diversity fosters ah-ha! moments.  All students will be on equal footing for the event as to supplies to ‘build’ their creation – brainpower, innovation and creativity will be the key differentiator for the winners.

Regardless of where students end up in their chosen fields later in life, the ability to work in teams, manage teams, distill ideas, drive processes that end in exceptional results are all processes that we need to excel in out in the real world.

The event is designed to be fun, competitive and educational – we are committed to having one more event on campus where students can have healthy fun, get a break from their normal routines, interact with faculty and alumni and, in this case, win some serious cash prizes!  $500 PER TEAM MEMBER for 1st, $250 PER TEAM MEMBER for 2nd, $100 PER TEAM MEMBER for 3rd!  And, yes, you win money too!

Sign up forms are attached hereto as well as in the College Center beneath the large FIC banner.  Completed Forms can be deposited in the drop box near the banner or emailed to MKUHN1@fandm.edu. Thanks for help in supporting this great event.

Best Regards

Mark S Kuhn ‘85

Executive in Residence

Department of Business, Organizations and Society

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