On Her Toes and Loving Every Minute of It

  • Gay Williams  

This week, The Diplomat will begin a series of monthly stories featuring Franklin & Marshall staff. October’s “Staff Spotlight” focuses on Gay Williams.

After nine years, Gay Williams still rushes to work every morning so she won’t miss anything.

And it’s not because she has so much to do, although that is true, too.

As office manager in the Department of Athletics & Recreation, it’s Williams’ job to be on her toes.

“The job keeps me running,” Williams said. “I do everything but clean the locker rooms: budgets, HR, liaison with catering and business office. I take care of the credit cards, student workers and the part-time coaches. Down to the mail. I deliver the mail.”

It’s the energy in the Athletics Department, she explained, that keeps her going strong. During an interview one recent Friday afternoon, Williams’ office buzzed with coaches and athletes looking for equipment and co-workers and students asking questions.

“See what I mean,” she said at one point. “Maybe I’m at my desk an hour total a day. When you’re involved in sports, there is always something going on.”

In spite of the hustle and bustle, Williams wears a wide, welcoming smile. You can tell she enjoys this pace and feels genuine affection for her co-workers, especially the coaches.

Before coming to F&M she held a variety of jobs, including insurance sales, selling real estate and working in advertising. For a few years, she was assistant to the athletic director at Lancaster Catholic High School.

Gay and her husband, Will Williams, who runs security at Mayser Physical Education Center, have been married for 33 years.


Asked to name her most memorable moment, she smiled and explained that she had seen scores of teams and countless sporting events. However, the day the women’s lacrosse team won the NCAA championship, and the year men’s basketball team went to the Division III Final Four, stick out in her memories.

“I remember the electricity in the air when the men’s team learned they were in the final four,” in 2002, Williams said. “And I can still see the banners that lined the street and the excitement on campus the day the lacrosse team returned to campus. Every student, everyone on campus was so proud to be part of that moment.”


Williams is 60. The question of retirement seems odd to her. The thought had crossed her mind, she said. Maybe she and Bob will move home to Philadelphia to be near family, sure, but mostly in order to shorten the commute to Flyers, Phillies and Eagles games, she said.

She’s not joking.

“Maybe when I ever do retire, we’ll do some traveling.” She paused a moment and said, “You know, between games.”

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