10/28/2015 Teresa Riden

The College Software Server is slated to be retired!

The College's web-based Software Server (software.fandm.edu) has been in service to the campus community since the Fall of 2004 and is slated to be retired by the end of the year.  In fact, there is no software available there any more and it refers you to the new replacement service, F&M Technology Resources! 

Over the last few months, ITS has been setting up the new service on Google Drive that enables us to provide the community with information regarding all IT services, not just software.

There are two versions of the tech resources:

-- The worldwide accessible technology resources for vistors provides information primarily geared toward alumni, prospective students and their parents, and retired faculty and professional staff.  However, we are sure that current faculty and professional staff will find useful information there as well.

-- The technology resources geared toward, and accessible only by current students, faculty and professional staff.  Please note, this version requires you to be logged into your F&M account in the browser before you are able to access any of the content.

The resource guidelines each provide a consistent layout and explain what is the service, what you need to know before using the service, where to get additional training, how to access the service, and where to go for help.

Please check out the new Technology Resources here!

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