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Story 5/2/2017

Email Password Reminders

Be sure to change your password as soon as you get an email reminder.  Changing your password...

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Story 4/11/2017

New Icon Added to Inside F&M

A new icon is now available in the top corner of Inside F&M  that will take you directly to Google...

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Story 4/5/2017

Change to Google sign-in page

Soon, the page to sign in to your Google Account will look a little different. Please know that...

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Story 3/27/2017

Password Security Tip

Don’t make things easy for cyber criminals. Use different passwords for different accounts. Stick...

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Story 3/6/2017

Are you on Twitter?

If so give us a follow at You’ll find a few occasional posts to...

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Story 2/21/2017

The Tech Lending Center has Equipment to Loan

Do you need equipment?  Don’t forget about our Technology Lending Center in the Kreisel Innovation...

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Story 2/7/2017

Use Web-Ex for your Video Conferencing Needs

Joining a webinar?  Need to host an online meeting or conduct an interview?  Don’t forget we have a...

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Story 1/31/2017

ITS Spring Pop-Up Series has Begun

Faculty, Professional Staff, and Retirees: The ITS Spring Pop-Up series has begun. All 8 sessions...

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Story 1/25/2017

291 Phone Exchange to be Discontinued on Feb 1

Beginning February 1, any F&M phone numbers that had started with (717)291 will be replaced with...

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