Workshop: Guide to Making a Management Referral

Submitted by Nancy Eshleman, Director, Human Resources

Cigna, the College's Employee Assistance Program provider, will offer a workshop titled Manager's Guide to Making a Management Referral on Tuesday, November 5, from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00, in the Woods Room, 2nd floor of the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center (ASFC).

This session is geared to managers, supervisors, and department chairs who want to learn how to use the Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.) as a management tool; learn how a management consultation with an Employee Assistance Consultant can help them in their role as a manager; and learn when it is appropriate to refer a staff member to the E.A.P.

    As a reminder, full-time members of the faculty and professional staff are eligible for the following benefits through the Cigna Employee Assistance Program, at no cost:

    • Access to up to 3 free, confidential counseling sessions per issue, per fiscal year. Counselors are available to assist you with a variety of issues, including relationship or marital issues; parenting issues; elder care and child care issues; school or work-related concerns; work-life balance; financial or legal concerns; depression, anxiety, grief, and loss; substance abuse; and eating disorders. Counselors can help you create an action plan to address any concern. The Cigna E.A.P. may be accessed by calling (877) 622-4327.
    • Each family member residing in your home may also use up to 3 counseling sessions per issue, per year, free of charge.
    • You may access a free 30 minute legal and/or financial counseling session.
    • You and your household family members have access to resources and referral services pertaining to child care and elder care.
    • Managers and department chairs may receive advice in dealing with issues impacting their staff members.
    • You have access to various health and wellness resources via the Cigna web site: www.Cignabehavioral.com (the employer ID is fandm).
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