Purchasing Card Information

Welcome the College's Purchasing Card Information webpage.  Please download and read the documents posted here. 

If you have any questions, please contact the College's Purchasing Card Administrator at pcardadministration@fandm.edu


Employee Pcard Agreement 

Please download the form provided here to begin the process to acquire a purchasing card.  Here is an excerpt from the form the gives a preview of what is needed to complete the form.

Section 1 – Type of Request

  1. Choose “New Card Privileges” if this is a new card request for a position that never had a card before. This type of request needs to be approved by a senior officer.

  2. Choose “New Employee in a position with current card privileges” if there is a new person in the position.

  3. Choose “Replace” if a replacement card is needed.

  4. Choose “Delete/Close” if the position no longer will be authorized to have a card

Section 2 – Applicant Information

  1. Fill out ALL fields. Credit is issued in the name of the College and the issuance of an F&M purchasing card will not affect the employee’s personal credit rating. However, it is important to note that by signing the Employee Usage Agreement, the employee is accepting personal liability for any intentional misuse of the card.

Section 3 – Credit Limit & Purchase Requirements

  1. Using the check boxes, select the type(s) of transactions you will be making with your P-card. If your business purpose is not listed, select “Other” and note the expense type in the blank.

  2. List the amount you think you will typically spend per month on the P-card. Note – your credit limit may end up being higher or lower than this amount, and real-time credit limit increases can be requested for emergency situations.

  3. Select whether or not you will use the card for International travel.

Section 4 – Accounting Information

  1. List the General Ledger account that you want to list as your default account. If charges are not reconciled by the 15th of each month, charges will default to this account and appropriate escalating corrective actions will be taken with the cardholder. 

  2. Normally the P-card holder is required to reconcile the card charges electronically by the 15th of the month. If you have a situation where another employee is being assigned to electronically reconcile your charges, list their name here. This “reconciler” must sign at the bottom of the application so that they are aware of these responsibilities.

  3. List the name of the person responsible for electronically approving the card transactions by the 20th of each month. This is normally the card holder’s supervisor, but special situations may apply.

Section 5 – Employee Usage Agreement

  1. Carefully read and ensure you understand the Employee Usage Agreement. The reconciler (if applicable) and approver must also read and understand the Employee Usage Agreement.

Section 6 – Approvals

  1. Cardholder signature – required on every application

  2. Reconciler signature – required only on applications where the cardholder is assigning reconciling duties to another employee.

  3. Approver signature – required on every application (normally the cardholder’s supervisor, but exceptions may apply)

  4. Senior Officer approval – required if this is a card being issued for the first time to a position

Application Submission and Card Pick-Up

  1. Submit completed and signed Purchasing Card Application to the P-Card Administrator via:

    a. Campus Mail – Attn: Pcard Adminstrator, Business Office- 644 Race Avenue.                                 b. E-mail scanned attachment to PCardAdministration@fandm.edu
  2. When the card arrives, the cardholder will be notified by the P-card administrator. The cardholder must attend a training session before the card will be issued. The cardholder should make an appointment to pick up the card in the Business Office in order to receive additional procedures and instructions for activating the card.

Purchasing Card Reconciliation Process 

The document provided here will guide you through the purchasing card reconciliation process.  Please remember to attach all receipts to the monthly statement and forward to your approver so they have the backup of purchases to review when approving your monthly statement.  If you feel that there is a charge on your statement that is in error, please use the PNC Charge Dispute form to report the transaction. 

Purchasing Card Approval Steps 

The document provided here will guide you through the purchasing card approval process.  Please remember to forward all receipts and documentation to Accounts Payable in the Business Office, (including any necessary additional approvals needed such as approval for alcohol purchases). 

PNC Charge Dispute Form


If  you believe an item on your statement is in error, download and complete this form and send it no later than 60 days after the date of first statement that included the charge.  Be sure to sign the document. Send the completed form to PNC via

U. S. Mail to PNC, P. O.  Box 2859, Kalamzoo, MI 49003-2859, or

Fax to (269)973-1688

Email to billinginquiries@pnc.com