Jerome W. Jones, Jr. and Jeromyah Jones

February 23 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Virtual Event

  • "I AM 400" The African Journey in America by Jeremy W. Jones, Jr. and Jeromyah Jones Image Credit: Jerome W. Jones, Jr. and Jeromyah Jones

Please join Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster NAACP, and F&M’s Phillips Museum of the Arts to meet artists Jerome W. Jones, Jr.  and Jeromyah Jones (father and son duo) on their journey to design the “I AM 400” banner for educational institutions.

The banner is currently proudly on display for Black History Month in Franklin & Marshall College’s Steinman College Center. The Banner will be shared with our NAACP chapter for programs they will be hosting in the future.

The program will be moderated by Gretchel Hathaway, VP for Diversity Equity and Inclusion at F&M, and Danielle Brown, Representative of Lancaster NAACP.

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 995 0875 7504
Passcode: 167039
There will be an ASL interpreter at this event.

The works in the “I AM 400” banner are focused on Africans before being brought to the shores of America, the 400 year journey of African Americans, and solutions for a better future. The paintings in this collection were primarily created from the artists’ personal perspective of meeting and painting pioneers on the path of life who are widely known and unsung heroes that the world needs to know. In some of these compositions the Joneses show community servants who succeeded in breaking barriers within the four century season of struggle. Other paintings are allegorical and historical, showing symbols and motifs that explain the journey of a people in pursuit of freedom.