The Provost’s office at Franklin and Marshall College oversees several initiatives to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity on our campus. Our specific goals are to recruit and retain faculty from diverse backgrounds and to effect broader cultural change through faculty and curricular development related to inclusive pedagogy across the disciplines. Specific programs that departments and faculty can participate in are:


  1. Undertake departmental curricular analyses with input from external experts, with an eye toward inclusion of diverse perspectives across all courses.
  2. Hold workshops, led by external experts, related to faculty diversity and inclusive pedagogy.
  3. Send a team of faculty to a designated conference regarding inclusive pedagogy and the curriculum, annually. And, send faculty to discipline-specific off-site workshops focused on inclusive pedagogy. Faculty are encouraged to apply for this funding on a rolling basis, recognizing that funds are limited.
  4. To encourage new ideas to flourish, the Provost's Advisory Committee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion (PACFD&I) will solicit ways to advance our shared commitment to faculty diversity and inclusion through an “Idea Initiative.”
  5. Hire, mentor, and retain High Impact Emerging Scholars.


F&M Faculty can access forms to apply for these programs here.


            In 2017-2018, four departments hired High Impact Emerging Scholars and we funded two curricular reviews (History and Public Health). We sent a team of faculty and staff to an AAC&U conference about high-impact educational practices. Seven faculty members attended discipline specific conferences and we held one faculty workshop on mentoring at F&M. Finally, the Provost's Advisory Committee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion successfully launched the Idea Initiative program to generate ideas from around campus about new ways to achieve our goals. We funded the college’s first LGBTQ+ all-campus forum as well as a lunch about faculty governance.


      If you have questions about this work, please contact our Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives, Stephanie McNulty at This work is partially supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.