ESOL Tutoring 

ESOL Tutoring is provided by Dr. Nadia Mann, F&M's ESOL Specialist.  These appointments can focus on many topics, including:

  • English grammar, revision, and proofreading skills
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Revising for clarity
  • Brainstorming, drafting, and organization
  • Reading comprehension
  • Understanding a professor's corrections or comments
  • Pronunciation and speaking skills
  • more!

These one-on-one individual tutoring sessions are primarily designed for first-year international and/or multilingual students, but sophomores and upperclassman who are still working on their language skills may also use this resource. 

ESOL Tutoring appointments are available Monday-Friday during the Fall 2019 Semester.  Appointments are for one hour at a time, and are held in the F&M Writing Center.  To schedule an appointment, you will need to log in to WCOnline, and select the ESOL Tutoring calendar. 

Academic Skills

There's more to college success than just writing papers! If you have questions or concerns about:

  • Citation, plagiarism, and academic integrity
  • US and F&M academic culture
  • Class discussion and participation
  • Reading comprehension
  • Time management and study skills
  • Note-taking and organization
  • Building vocabulary
  • Communicating with your professors

Schedule a private Academic Skills appointment with Dr. Mann at the Joseph International Center. Appointments can be made on this calendar.