An article by F&M Sociology Professors Carol Auster and Caroline Faulkner, and Hannah Klingenstein '17

Most scholarship on hookup culture has focused on college students’ sexual activity and has overlooked the posthookup “ritual retelling” as a subject of systematic research. This study examines the impact of gender beliefs regarding sexual activity, particularly the recreational and relational orientations of men and women, respectively, as well...

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Story 10/27/2020

Providing New Perspectives on Policy Making

It’s no secret that humans are complex; the study of their adherence to policy is even more so. F&M senior David Yang has spent much of the past year developing a new approach to policy making called...

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Reimagining Technofeminist Futures

Assistant Professor of Sociology Firzeh Shokooh Valle delivers keynote at Latin American & Caribbean Studies Conference.

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Freud as a Social and Cultural Theorist

By Howard L. Kaye 

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