While linking text is useful in many situations, sometimes you need to make links more prominent. Buttons are a great way to emphasize important links on your web page. To add a button to your page, click ADD CONTENT, then BUTTON.

  • Buttons 1 Full

This screen will appear:

  • Buttons 2 Full
  1. Background Image: Your button must have a background image. Click on the EDIT BACKGROUND button to add an image. The Edit Image Screen will appear. You can Upload your own imgage o5 search the Media Library (See Content Tyes: Images). If you cannot find a picture that fits, use a generic picture such as an F&M logo or a fading blue wash (You can find this by searching “blue”).

  2. Link Title: Type the title for your link. This will be the text displayed on the button.

  3. URL: The link for your button goes here. If your URL is located on www.fandm.edu, only use the relative URL.   E.g.  If your URL is http://www.fandm.edu/classics , enter in /classics.

  4. Save Changes: Click here to save your changes

  5. Preview: Click on preview to see how your button will look.