Phoebe Renee Ambrosino ('18) is a Creative Writing major from Long Island, NY. Phoebe spends most of her time writing music and staring longingly at pictures of her dog, Cino. She does not enjoy long walks on the beach but is the proud owner of an impressive seashell collection. When not working, you can find Phoebe attempting to reach peak coziness through melting into multiple layers of blankets and pillows with a hot cup of tea and a paperback book, preferably one with a riveting storyline.  

Kimberly Brandolisio (‘20) is a current first year from just outside of Philadelphia (you’ve almost surely never heard of the town). Kim is undecided on a major, but considering a minor in Comparative Literary Studies. Reading and writing are a source of expression and relaxation for her, and she hopes to one day be a published author. When not at work, you can probably find her in her dorm writing and eating chocolate, or more likely just doing homework.

Megan Ferrel ('18) is a Film and Media Studies major and a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor. Megan is from the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. They love writing because it allows them to de-stress after a long day. When not at work, you can catch Megan in the College Center doing work or eating a burrito or at the dog park wanting to pet and snuggle all of the dogs. 





Nina Dashti-Gibson  ('20) is a potential Neuroscience or Psychology major from the tiny town of Eliot, ME. Outside of working in the Writers House, she enjoys singing, playing guitar and ukulele, and making art. She also loves to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea whenever it is raining or snowing outside.

Phil Sitver ('17) is a Senior at F&M and has always been a writer. That has become all the more important as his delve into the sciences has left less and less time for creative writing.  In working at the Writer's House, he hopes to return to his roots, and support his fellow writers here at F&M 

Sarah Summerson ('18) is an English Literature and Comparative Literary Studies joint major who, as one could guess, enjoys reading and writing as well as sushi, fall, and puppies. She became a staff member in the fall of her freshman year and has hardly budged from the couches in the reading room since. 

Leana Gomes (‘18) is a prospective Public Health major from Bridgeport, CT. Although Leana is focused in the sciences, she finds reading novels and newspaper articles a wonderful escape from learning about cells and bacteria. In Leana’s time outside of the Writers House, you’ll catch her doing pilates or eating chicken fingers and fries. 

Isaiah Gordon ('18), a.k.a. Zay, is an intended Creative Writing major from West Philadelphia, PA. Zay's a sophomore who's very passionate about writing music and poetry and is a very active member (currently one of the co-presidents) of L.I.F.T. When not at work, he loves to dance for no reason at all with music accompaniment. You are encouraged to join him during these moments! 

Arielle Labiner (’18) is a potential Biology major from New York, NY.  Reading is a big part of Arielle’s life, and she credits her mom for her love of reading and writing poetry. When not at the Writers House, she likes swimming, playing the viola and instagramming pictures of brunch foods.

Kylie Logan ’18 is a potential International Studies and Spanish joint major from Waldwick, NJ. She started writing stories in first grade and realized this was the best way she could express herself, so she never stopped! She is a Narnia fanatic, lives on chamomile tea, and has a passion for theatre. When not at work, you can find Kylie reading in a sunny corner of one of the campus libraries, or rehearsing a production in the Green Room Theatre! 

Francesca Mascolo (’18) is a double major in Economics and History from Old Tappan, NJ. Francesca is a member of F&M’s Mock Trial Team and a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, Honors Fraternity. She is interested in the arts and intends to publish in the future. Outside working in the Writers House, she is invested in her community by doing service work and can usually be found reading some obscure classic novel with a tall glass of tea or outside writing on Hartman Green.

Lucy Kirkman ('17) is a senior English major from Zimbabwe (yay!) who has found a home in the Writers House since taking Professor Wright's Intro to Creative Writing. When not in the House, Lucy can be found walking very fast to and from classes, in Mean Cup, or wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea. She plans on traveling the world and acquiring a sun tan after she graduates in May.

Lindsay Williams (’18) is a biology major from Lehman, Pennsylvania. She plans to pursue a career in forensic pathology and has found reading a wonderful way to explore the field. Lindsay is a member of Kappa Delta, the Ben Rush Pre-Health Honor Society, and women’s ultimate. When she isn’t at the Writers House, you can find her in the lab, volunteering, snowboarding, or wishing she were at Walt Disney World. 
Lien Pham ('17) is a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. She is from Weis College House, and she enjoys cooking and dancing in her free time. She joined the Writers House in 2013, and the House can't imagine life without her! 

Loc Pham ('17) is a Biology major from Vietnam. Loc likes to read because he believes that the more you read, the more humble and knowledgeable you may become. Loc also loves almost anything aesthetic, from music, graphic design, photography to calligraphy, etc. Sometimes on beautiful, warm days, instead of hanging out and taking photos, Loc may let himself be completely submerged in music that brings back good memories.  At these times, he thinks about life, about how to appreciate many things that he has taken for granted for a long. long time. 

Natalie Salinardo ('18) is a Spanish major on the pre-vet track. She's a Jersey girl but calls Brooks House home. Reading and writing have always been a great--and inexpensive--therapeutic mediums for Natalie as she routinely cries over her stressful course load. If she's not in the Writer's House, she's probably watching a nature documentary or freaking out about Beyoncé. 

 Omar Salem ('20) is an intended CompSci major from Bronx, New York. Hobby wise, he does a little of everything, but most of his day is spend reading, writing, listening to music, or at any piano he can find. He likes to sit by the river and take pictures of the sunset when he needs some time alone. If there's a piano nearby being played, you can usually find him there with a cup of tea in hand. 

Lydia Storey ('17) is a junior and a public health major from Brooklyn, New York. She has just returned from a semester abroad studying public health and medical anthropology in Vietnam, South Africa, and Argentina. She loves the relaxation of reading and writing. Lydia is also a member of the women's ultimate team and Alpha Phi. When she's not at the writers house you can find her out on a run around Lancaster or snacking on some mac 'n' cheese! 

Navneet Kaur ('20) aka Nav is a first year student hailing from Queens, New York City. She's still undecided about her major but is exploring her options in English and Literature and looking at Law as a possible future. When she's not stressfully reading her assignments for class, you'll find her napping wherever possible and scrolling through her phone, listening to music. She loves to read so feel free to ask for suggestions and feel extra free to give any! 


Aditya Chawla ('18) is an Anthropology major and Studio Art minor. He has taken Business and Economics courses on the side and hopes to pursue a career in Finance, Consulting, or Marketing. He grew up in Walnut Creek, CA, but has spent the most recent half of his life living in India. At F&M, he is a member of Mu Upsilon Sigma (Music Honors Society) for Guitar and Voice in addition to Brooks House Government and Diplomatic Congress. In his free time, you can find him writing songs, playing videogames, and hanging out with his friends.

Alonzo Booth III ('19) is an intended Scientific and Philosophical Study of the Mind major from New Orleans, Louisiana. When he is not in his books or writing poems, he is always in deep thought about life or learning how to improve his mechanics and game knowledge in League of Legends.